Exclusive Interview with AC3 Co-founder John G. Fields on jinse!

April 23th, 2018

April 23th, 2018

On an exclusive interview, AC3 Co-founder John G. Fields explains the vision and goals of AC3 multi-purpose blockchain.

This is a brief summary of the chinese interview.

AC3 is the world's first tokenized distributed blockchain payment system, dedicated to enabling content creators to accept digital currency payments. Compared with the traditional payment structure, AC3 is committed to reducing the overall transaction costs while increasing transaction speed, increasing efficiency, and simplifying the online content payment process.

The background of the AC3 team is mostly in the field of digital content. They believe that currently there is a need for an improved method for purchasing, protecting, and delivering content.

Naming some problems content ceators are facing these days:

> E-learning environment has been infiltrated by service providers, and these service providers charge a lot of fees and transaction costs. These costs are usually between 10% and 45%.

> Content creators rely heavily on credit cards, third party payments such as PayPal, membership platforms such as Patreon, and direct platform payment models such as Lynda to process payments. Because of this dependency and lack of payment processing, content creators pay large fees for each transaction.

The solution? AC3 Solution: Blockchain Technology

"The various sophisticated wallet features we are developing will revolutionize the way creators protect and deliver content. Some of these features include recurring payments (allow creators to have a long-term revenue stream) and creation proofs (letting creators fully own their content; Similar to copyright) and exclusive video content, these contents will be distributed directly to the AC3 wallet."

John said, about AC3.

John G. Fields graduated from the American University and Wurbash College, has more than 20 years of experience in securities and investment, specializing in financial analysis, private equity transactions, and raising funds from high net worth and institutional resources.

The content creator ecosystem is vast and is exploding and AC3 is one of the projects that successfully develops user-based strategies. It works with content creators and educators. These partners have 100,000 to 10 million fans and students, and AC3 integrates these users into the platform to purchase content.

Curious to know more? You can read here the full chinese interview on jinse.com.

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