AC3 Article on NewsBtc!

April 8th, 2018

April 8th, 2018

Being a Content Creator or Educator on a fast evolving online ecosystym has several challenges.

From the article:

"There’s clearly a huge market for educational and entertaining content, but unfortunately reaching that market is difficult without relying on big, expensive platforms. Those platforms are well aware of this fact, and they make sure to profit from it."

On this article, AC3 explains how a decentralized blockchain can be the solution in opposition to the centralized platforms.

As mentioned on the article:

"It’s certainly a noble goal and is filling a need that’s becoming harder to ignore. As more and more people turn to the internet to share content and make a living, platforms like AC3 can help this become a viable lifestyle and remove many of the drawbacks."

You can read the full NewsBtc article here.

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